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Conference "Hadrons and Nuclear Physics Meet Ultracold Atoms : a French-Japanese Workshop"

IHP January 29 - February 2, 2018


This workshop has been organised in the framework of a french-japanese collaboration CNRS/JSPS in the few-body problem initiated by Emiko Hiyama (RIKEN), Jaume Carbonell (IPN Orsay) and Jean-Marc Richard (IPN Lyon). It was in the continuity of two other workshops organized at RIKEN (2015 & 2016) and a workshop organized in 2017 at Saclay.

The scientific program followed a double thematic progression: on one hand, from the high energies (Lattice QCD) toward low energies (ultracold atoms and condensed matter) and on the other hand from the few- toward the many-body problem. This interdisciplinary event aiming at promoting discussions between specialists of different fields/methods including Lattice QCD, Effective field Theory, Nuclear physics, Ultra-cold atoms, Few-body, Condensed Matter.

The local organization and part of the travel expenses was covered by a grant obtained from the COMUE Sorbonne Universités in the program of "Séminaires internationaux de recherche de Sorbonne Universités"






Monday 29/01/2018 -


09h30-09h45 Welcome


Chairman : Jean-Marc Richard

09h45-10h15 Scattering in Euclidean space : from Bethe-Salpeter equation to LQCD – Jaume Carbonnel (IPN Orsay)


10h15-10h45 Exotic hadrons from lattice QCD – Yoichi Ikeda (RCNP Osaka Univ.)


10h45-11h15 Effective theory for the infrared regime of QCD – Matthieu Tissier (LPTMC)


11h15-11h45 Coffee Break



Chairman : Bira van Kolck


11h45-12h15 Artificial gauge fields for neutral atoms – Fabrice Gerbier (LKB)


12h15-12h45 Efimov physics of hadrons – Tetsuo Hyodo (YITP Kyoto Univ.)


12h45-14h00 Cocktail at the Cafeteria of IHP


14h00-18h00 Discussions (room 201)

Tuesday 30/01/2018 -


Chairman : Jaume Carbonnel

09h45-10h15 Hadronic molecules with a short-range force by a quark model – Yasuhiro Yamaguchi (RIKEN)

10h15-10h45 Structure of hadron resonances with nearby zero of amplitude – Yuki Kamiya (YITP Kyoto Univ.)


10h45-11h15 Tetraquarks – Jean-Marc Richard (IPN Lyon)


11h15-11h45 Coffee Break



Chairman : Pascal Naidon

11h45-12h15 Few-body problems via Faddeev-Yakubovsky equations formalism – Rimantas Lazauskas (IPHC Strasbourg)


12h15-12h45 Five-body calculation of heavy pentaquark system – Emiko Hiyama (RIKEN)


12h45-14h30 Lunch


Chairman : Rimantas Lazauskas

14h30-15h00 Probing neutron-neutron correlations in 11Li via the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction – Yuki Kubota (RIKEN)

15h00-15h30 Very neutron-rich Carbon and Nitrogen isotopes at and beyond stability – Nigel Orr (LPC Caen)

15h30-18h00 Discussions (room 314)

Wednesday 31/01/2018 -

Chairman : Emiko Hiyama

09h45-10h15 Dineutron cluster states in neutron drip line nuclei – Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

10h15-10h45 Pairing in dilute neutron matter – Michael Urban (IPN Orsay)

10h45-11h15 New variational method using antisymmetrized molecular dynamics for nuclear many-body systems – Takayuki Myo (Osaka Institute of Tech.)

11h15-11h45 Coffee Break

Chairman : Dima Petrov

11h45-12h15 Bosons and Nucleons at Unitarity: From few to many – Bira van Kolck (IPN Orsay)

12h15-12h45 Summation of diagrammatic series with zero convergence radius for strongly correlated fermions – Félix Werner (LKB)

12h45-14h00 Lunch

Social program

Visit of the mineral collection of Sorbonne University : 14h30-15h30 Visit of the collection

Visit of the historical part of the Sorbonne : 16h00-18h00 Visit of the Sorbonne

Conference Cocktail : 20h00- Cocktail at the 24th floor of the Zamansky Tower (Campus Jussieu)

Thursday 1/02/2018 -

Chairman : Xavier Leyronas

09h45-10h15 One, two, three, many, few-body losses in many-body ensembles – Frédéric Chevy (LKB)

10h15-10h45 Confinement induced trimer in a quasi-1D atomic waveguide – Ludovic Pricoupenko (LPTMC)

10h45-11h15 Impurities in a BEC: from the Yukawa to the Efimov attraction – Pascal Naidon (RIKEN)

11h15-11h45 Coffee Break


Chairman : Yvan Castin

11h45-12h15 Zoo of quantum halos - Yusuke Nishida (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

12h15-12h45 Mesoscopic few-body problem with short-range interactions – Dima Petrov (LPTMS)


12h45-14h30 Lunch


14h30-18h00 Discussions (room 314)

Friday 02/02/2018 -

Chairman : Félix Werner

09h45-10h15 Dimer-dimer zero crossing in a one-dimensional mixture – Alexandre Pricoupenko (LPTMS)

10h15-10h45 Momentum Distribution of a Dilute Unitary Bose Gas with Three-Body Losses – Xavier Leyronas (LPS Paris)

10h45-11h15   超流動フェルミガス中のフォノン減衰 Amortissement des phonons dans les gaz de fermions superfluides – Yvan Castin (LKB)


11h15-11h45 Coffee Break

Chairman : Nicolas Dupuis

11h45-12h15 Recent algorithmic developments in diagrammatic Monte Carlo – Kris van Houcke (LPS Paris)

12h15-12h45 From One-Dimensional Charge Conserving Topological Superconductors to the Gapless Haldane Phase – Patrick Azaria (LPTMC)


12h45-14h30 Lunch

Chairman : Yusuke Nishida

14h30-15h00 Higgs amplitude mode in the vicinity of a quantum critical point – Nicolas Dupuis (LPTMC)


15h00-15h30 Dirac cones for cold atoms in an optical lattice – Jean-Noël Fuchs (LPTMC)


15h30-18h00 Discussions (room 314)




First name                  Name                   Laboratory/Institution                           e-mail

Patrick                     Azaria                     LPTMC                                  azaria (at)

Frédéric                    Chévy                      LKB                                    chevy (at)

Jaume                       Carbonell                  IPN Orsay                              carbonell (at)

Yvan                        Castin                     LKB                                    yvan.castin (at)

Nicolas                     Dupuis                     LPTMC                                  dupuis (at)

Jean-Noël                   Fuchs                      LPTMC                                  fuchs (at)

Fabrice                     Gerbier                    LKB                                    Fabrice.gerbier (at)

Emiko                       Hiyama                     RIKEN                                  hiyama (at)

Kris                        van Houcke                 LPS Paris                              kris.van.houcke (at)

Tetsuo                      Hyodo                      YITP Kyoto University                  hyodo (at)

Yoichi                      Ikeda                      RCNP Osaka University                  yikeda (at)

Yuki                        Kamiya                     YITP Kyoto University                  yuki.kamiya (at)

Bira                        van Kolck                  IPN Orsay                              vankolck (at)

Yuki                        Kubota                     RIKEN                                  kubota (at)

Rimantas                    Lazauskas                  IPHC Strasbourg                        rlazausk (at)

Xavier                      Leyronas                   LPS Paris                              leyronas (at)

Junxu                       Lu                         IPN Orsay                              lu (at)

Songlin                     Lyu                        IPN Orsay                              lyu (at)

Takayuki                    Myo                        Osaka Institute of Tech.               myo (at)

Yusuke                      Nishida                    Tokyo Institute of Tech.               nishida (at)

Pascal                      Naidon                     RIKEN                                  pascal (at)

Takashi                     Nakamura                   Tokyo Institute of Tech.               nakamura (at)

Takahiro                    Ohgoe                      University of Tokyo                    ohgoe (at)

Nigel                       Orr                        LPC Caen                               orr (at)

Dima                        Petrov                     LPTMS                                  dmitry.petrov (at)

Alexandre                   Pricoupenko                LPTMS                                  alexandre.pricoupenko (at)

Ludovic                     Pricoupenko                LPTMC                                  pricoupenko (at)

Jean-Marc                   Richard                    IPN Lyon                               j-m.richard (at)

Alice                       Sinatra                    LKB                                    alice.sinatra (at)

Matthieu                    Tissier                    LPTMC                                  tissier (at)

Michael                     Urban                      IPN Orsay                              urban (at)

Félix                       Werner                     LKB                                    werner (at)

Yasuhiro                    Yamaguchi                  RIKEN                                  yasuhiro.yamaguchi (at)

Nodoka                      Yamanaka                   IPN Orsay                              yamanaka (at)

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