Presentation of the department

The scientific research of the LPTMC  relies on a multidisciplinary theoretical approach to liquids and condensed matter, based on analytical statistical mechanics on one hand and simulation on the other hand.

Over the past four years the double expertise of the lab in theory and simulation has covered a wide spectrum of problems ranging from liquid phase chemical reactions to low dimensional quantum magnetism, from the glass transition to reaction-diffusion mechanisms in fluctuating disordered media through to conformational transitions in biological polymers, to cite a few examples.

Structuring our research activities around five areas has been very useful since it has enabled us to pursue research in each field whilst also linking the different themes. In general the description of liquids and disordered systems has benefited in recent years from the considerable growth in computational techniques available to the scientific community.

The LPTMC has taken part in this rapid development of efficient computational tools which have revolutionised our methods and enabled us to address problems that not long ago were considered out of our reach (for example the relaxation of disordered systems, following chemical reactions at the molecular level, exact diagonalisations etc.)