Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de la Matière Condensée

You are doing an internship, you are a PhD, a post-doc or a new member.



- ask for a key near Diane Domand and get it at tower 65, Jussieu floor. The key opens the entrance door of the lab, allows you to use the elevators when they are locked, and opens the common rooms and yours.
Once you have it, when your try to open a door, one of the three following cases occurs:

     * No noise at all: you have to update the authorizations on your key by going on the first floor of tower 22 or 23 (in front of the elevator doors).

     * 4 bips: you don't have the permission to open this door. If it's a problem, go back to Diane Domand

     * 1 bip: felicitation, you can turn the key and open the room.


Email, computer account, webpage...

- ask for a computer account near Michel Quaggetto, and read the computing etiquette in the appropriate section of the site.

- with your contract of SU, you should get a "sorbonne-université.fr" email. Ask Michel to receive the informations of the lab (mailing list for doctorants, post-doc, general informations, research groups...)

- ask for creating of you webpage on the LPTMC website near Diane, Michel or Laura Messio, and for adding your name in the lab annuary (except internship).

In case of problems in computing, please ask cinfo -at-


Others (missions, printing something...)

- there are plenty of various informations (how to print poster, PhD thesis, how to prepare a mission...) on the lab wiki, here (members only).