Topics of the Conference

* Femtosecond laser spectroscopy: Multidimensional spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy , femtochemistry in dense media and at interface.

* Picosecond pulsed radiolysis: Time-resolved detection techniques, space distribution of absorbed energy, electron and proton transfer processes, micro-heterogeneous and polymeric systems.

* New laser based sources for particles acceleration and X-ray experiments.

* Ultrafast X-ray diffraction, absorption and emission spectroscopy: Optical/X-ray pump and probe experiments, pulsed X-ray diffraction, pulsed diffuse scattering, real time probing of reaction mechanism, ultrafast electron diffraction.

* Ab initio molecular dynamics. Elementary RedOx and proton transfer chemical reactions. Molecular dynamics of large systems such as biomolecules and interfaces.

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Time table (November 21)

Second International Conference on
"Transient Chemical Structures in Dense Media"
November 29th - December 4th, Paris, France
Eiffel Tower
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