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Please check the updated Details page as well as the preliminary Schedule

The Place
First Circular

The Euro Summer School on Quantum Gases in Low Dimensions is supported by the European commission, human potential program, high-level scientific conferences (HPCF-2002-00120).

The preliminary schedule is now available: 
Day 8h45-10h15 10h45-12h15   16h30-18h00 18h15-19h15   20h30-...
Tue 15 G. Shlyapnikov Y. Castin   B. Douçot V. Lorent   Informal meeting 
Wed 16 G. Shlyapnikov Y. Castin   B. Douçot P. Bouyer   Informal meeting 
Thr 17 G. Shlyapnikov Y. Castin   B. Douçot R. Grimm   Poster Session 1
Fri 18 G. Shlyapnikov Y. Castin   B. Douçot C. Zimmermann   Poster Session 2
Sat 19 G. Shlyapnikov Y. Castin   short seminars D. Guéry-Odelin   Informal meeting
Mon 21 B. Laburthe M. Olshanii   I. Cirac E. Hinds   Informal meeting
Tue 22 S. Stringari M. Olshanii   I. Cirac S. Vasilyev   Informal meeting
Wed 23 S. Stringari I. Cirac   M. Olshanii P. Grangier   Informal meeting
Thr 24 S. Stringari M. Olshanii   C. Salomon J. Reichel   Informal meeting
Fri 25 S. Stringari J. Walraven   DEPARTURE

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