Laboratoire de Physique Théorique

de la Matière Condensée

Adriano Angelone (ICTP and SISSA Trieste)

Supersolid states in cluster-forming systems

(Séminaire zoom: ID de réunion : 948 8781 7099 Code secret : 026042)

The elusive supersolid phase, a state in which a crystalline structure coexists with superfluidity (i.e., frictionless and dissipationless material flow), was initially proposed as the ground state of solid Helium-4. This conjecture has since found theoretical, and later experimental, disproval; however, supersolidity has continued to be the center of intensive theoretical and experimental investigations, especially after its recent experimental realization in experiments with cold dipolar atoms. This introductory talk will center on a part of my work on bosonic systems of interest for experiments with cold atoms, whose ground state is characterized by the formation of clusters of particles. These self-arrange despite the repulsive nature of the interparticle interactions, and are associated to a wide variety of both (essentially) classical and quantum many-body states of interest. The main result I am going to discuss in this context is the appearance, in a selected parameter regime, of a novel type of phase transition, induced by the interparticle interaction strength, between two different kinds of supersolid states displaying radically different physical properties.