Laboratoire de Physique Théorique

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Frédéric van Wijland (MSC, Université de Paris)

Multibody effects in active particle systems, and what working in large space dimension teaches us

Systems made of a large number of self-propelled particles live very far from equilibrium, which opens the door to unexpected collective behaviors, such as the motility-induced phase separation (MIPS). While a phenomenological understanding of such phenomena was  almost immediately available, microscopics-based approaches are usually difficult to conduct. By embedding these many-body systems in a large-dimensional space, some simplifications occur, and these allow us to pinpoint fundamental physical differences between a conventional equilibrium phase separation driven by pairwise forces, and MIPS, which had eluded phenomenological, coarse-grained, descriptions. These lie in the intrinsically  many-body nature of interactions in systems of active particles.

Work done in collaboration with Thibaut Arnoulx de Pirey


En version hybride, dans la salle de séminaire du LPTMC (couloir 13-12, 5ème, salle 5-23) et sur zoom:

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