Le séminaire aura lieu à la bibliothèque du LPTHE et non au LPTMC- Tour 13 4ème étage

Oleg Starykh (University of Utah)

Emergent Ising orders of frustrated magnets

Much of the research in frustrated quantum magnets has focused on the elusive quest for magnetically disordered phases with highly entangled ground states - quantum spin liquids. Somewhat intermediate between these rare states and commonplace magnets are {\em nematic} phases which appear as a result of a two-magnon condensation and are characterized by the presence of a gap for excitations with spin one. As a result, nematic states exhibit no dipolar magnetic order.

In my talk I describe two simple models supporting spin nematic phases. The first of them is provided by the two-magnon instability of the 1/3 magnetization plateau state of the quantum triangular antiferromagnet. I show that the two-magnon instability, which takes place near the end-point of the magnetization plateau, leads to a novel two-dimensional vector chiral phase with alternating spin currents. This interesting state spontaneously breaks inversion symmetry and can be thought of as appearing due to a fluctuation-generated Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. The second example involves an easy-axis spin-1 antiferromagnet in which transition into nematic state occurs via condensation of spin excitons.