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Nicolas Wschebor (Université de la République d'Uruguay, Montevideo)

Proving conformal invariance in critical scalar theories in any dimension

Conformal invariance in three dimension has a tremendous renewed interest due to the surprisingly good results obtained by using the “conformal bootstrap” in last five years. In this talk, the interest of this symmetry is reviewed and its existence in critical (scale invariant) theories in any dimension is discussed. In particular, using Wilson renormalization group, we show that if no integrated vector operator of scaling dimension −1 exists in a given model, then scale invariance implies conformal invariance. By using the Lebowitz inequalities, we prove that this necessary condition (or another similar necessary condition proposed by Polchinski many years ago) is fulfilled in all dimensions less than four for the Ising universality class. This shows, in particular, that scale invariance implies conformal invariance for the three-dimensional Ising model. Finally, the extension of this result to other critical systems is discussed.