Tuesday March 15th 2005 : Fiap, room Oslo 
1 J. Bonin, I. Lampre and M. Mostafavi Electron Pairing with Divalent and Trivalent
Nonreactive Metal Cations : an Absorption Spectrum Study
2 François-Xavier Coudert, Anne Boutin Simulation of the hydrated electron
and its reactivity towards cations in bulk water.
3 Donald M. Çamaioni, David J. Sherwood,
and Tachung Albert Hu
Predicting Rates of Hydrogen Generation During
Interim Storage and Treatment of Defense Nuclear Waste
4 E. Portuondo, A. Tortschanoff, F. van Mourik,
J-E. Moser, M. Chergui
Ultrafast Solvation Dynamics at Water/ZrO2 Interfaces
5 L. Bonacina, P. Larrégaray,
F. van Mourik and M. Chergui
The Ultrafast Lattice Response of solid para-Hydrogen
6 Goran Zgrablić, Stefan Haacke  and Majed Chergui Ultrafast excited state dynamics of the protonated
Schiff base of all-trans retinal in different solvents
7 M. Dupuis, D. M. Camaioni, A. Furuhama,
T. Autrey,   A. K. Brown, and Q. Gilcrease
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Processes
in the Radiolysis of Complex Aqueous Media
8 Vladimir Durov and Oleg G. Tereshin Modeling of supramolecular ordering and
physicochemical properties in cyclohexane-ethanol mixtures
9 Agathe Espagne, Pascale Changenet-Barret,
 Jean-Bernard Baudin, Ludovic Jullien,
Pascal Plaza, Monique M. Martin
Chemical structure effect on the photoinduced dynamics
of 4‑hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives used as PYP pigment models
10 A.A Zharikov and S.F. Fischer  Electron Solvation Dynamics:
On the role of short-range and long-range interactions
11 K. Ghandi mSR a complementary technique to pulse radiolysis:
applications in study of transients under extreme conditions
12 Hristo Iglev and Alfred Laubereau Electron photodetachment from aqueous iodide:
novel information on the relaxation dynamics of the transient I:e- caged pair
13 W. Knulst,  J.M. Schins and L.D.A. Siebbeles Ultrafast dynamics of excitons and
charge carriers in optoelectronic materials
14 V. Kozich, J. Dreyer, and W. Werncke Probing molecular kinetics of vibrationally
excited molecules by resonance Raman scattering
15 A. Lübcke, F. Zamponi, H. Wald, F. Schmidl,
A. Morak, E. Förster, I. Uschmann, R. Sauerbrey
Study of transient crystal lattice behaviour of superconductors
by time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiments
16 F. Zamponi, T. Kämpfer, A. Morak, A. Lübcke,
R. Netz, E. Förster, I. Uschmann, R. Sauerbrey
Experimental set up using a 1 kHz repetition source
for time resolved X-ray experiments with fs time resolution
17 Mathilde Mahet, Pascal Plaza,
Monique M. Martin, Nicola Angelini,
 Manuela Malatesta,
Giovanni Checcucci and Francesco Lenci
Primary phototransduction processes
in the light perception of the ciliate Blepharisma japonicum 
18 J.L. Marignier, H. Monard, J.-P. Larbre,
F. Gobert, A. Demarque, I. Lampre,
V. De Waele, M. Mostafavi, J. Belloni
Pulse radiolysis experiments on
the ELYSE picosecond electron accelerator
19 Omar F. Mohammed, Jens  Dreyer, Ben-Zion Magnes,
Ehud Pines and Erik T. J. Nibbering
Solvent Dependent Photoacidity State of Pyranine
as Monitored with Transient Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
20 O.A. Anisimov, B.A. Knyazev,
A.N. Matveenko, and Y.N. Molin
Spin oscillations in radical ion pairs:
from nanosecond to picosecond time domain
21 Manuela Lima, Paolo Foggi, Laura Bussotti,
Roberto Righini, Robin Hochstrasser
Two-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of Liquid Formamide
22 Anwar Usman, Omar F. Mohammed,
Karsten Heyne, Jens Dreyer and Erik T. J. Nibbering
Excited state dynamics of PYP chromophore model systems
explored with ultrafast infrared spectroscopy
23 G. Vogt, G. Krampert, P. Niklaus,
F. Santoro, R. Improta, G. Gerber
Teaching lasers to twist molecules
24 P. Hamm, V. Botan, R. Schanz Ultrafast IR-Driven Cis-Trans Isomerization of Nitrous Acid
25 Palianov Pavel, Quéré Fabien,
Pommeret Stanislas and Philippe Martin
Ultra-fast water radiolysis using strong
laser pulses or bunches of ionizing particles
26 M. Lo Russo, M. Lorenc, Q.Y. Kong, M. Cammarata,
R. Vuilleumier, S. Bratos and M. Wulff
Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction Study of
the Recombination of Photo-Dissociated Br2 in CCl4
27 Ulf Hinze and Boris Chichkov Temporal characteristics of an electron-based
ultrashort hard x-ray source
28 T. Graber, P. Coppens, Y. Chen,
M. Gembicky, and I. Vorontsov
Synchrotron-based time-resolved crystallography studies
29 G. Louit, M. Enescu, F. Taran,
G. Baldacchino, S. Pin, J.-P. Renault
The reactivity of the hydroxyl radical with aromatic molecules :Experimental
and theoretical study of coumarin derivatives as fluorescent probes
30 Francis Muguet Hydrated electron or transient protic radical structure
31 Thibault Dartigalongue and François Hache Time-resolved circular dichroism in carbonmonoxy-myoglobin:
calculation details