Japanese (JSPS) - French (CNRS) symposium on        
    Quantum magnetism in   
    spin, charge and orbital systems  
      Program (tentative)  
Wednesday October 1 Room OSLO (basement)  
  15.00   Welcome, Inscription, Installation of the posters  
  15.30   Opening address: Claire Lhuillier  
  15.40-20.00   Posters  
  16.00   Coffee  
  18h30-20h   French "ploughman" Dinner  
Thursday October 2 Room Lisbonne (basement)  
    Chairman: L.P. Regnault  
  8.30   Ajiro   Quantum phase transition scenario of dimerized singlet-ground-state system Cs3Cr2X9(X=Cl,Br,I)   
  9.00   Grenier   Magnetic structure and spin excitations in the field-induced phase of the spin dimer system Cs3Cr2Br9   
  9.30   Kakurai   Neutron Scattering Studies on Spin Gap Systems    
  10.00   Rodriguez-Carvajal   Neutron diffraction studies on charge ordering in manganites: the role of Zener polarons and consequences for magnetism   
  10.30   Coffee break  
    Chair: M. Horvatic  
  10.45   Ueda   Novel Transitions in Spin-Charge-Orbital Coupled Systems    
  11.15   Shiba   Long-Range Order and Excitations in CeB6 and Other Cubic Compounds Having Gamma8 Quartet Ground State  
  11.45   Tanaka   Quantum Phase Transitions in the Coupled Spin Dimer System TlCuCl3  
  12.15   Lunch  
  14.00   "L'Observatoire"  Visit (61, avenue de l'Observatoire, 75014 Paris)  
      Chairman: L. Levy  
  15.30   Takigawa   Spin dynamics and superstructure in SrCu2(BO3)2 at high magnetic field   
  16.00   Katsumata   Observation of a Magnetization Plateau in a Quantum Antiferromagnet on the kagome lattice    
  16.30   Coffee break  
  17.00   Misguich   Quantum Spin liquids   
  17.30   Mirebeau   Frustrated magnets (spin glass, spin liquid and spin ice) under high pressure. A neutron study  
  18.00   Cabra   The kagome antiferromagnet in a magnetic field    
Friday October 3rd Room Lisbonne (basement)  
    Chairwoman: C. Lacroix  
  9.00   Akimitsu   Orbital ordering in the pyrochlore ferromagnet Lu2V2O7  
  9.30   Ueda   Origin of Large Mass Enhancement in LiV2O4    
  10.00   LÚvy   ESR study of the family R2Ti2O7 of pyrochlore antiferromagnets with a geometrically frustrated lattice   
  10.30   Holdsworth   Frustration and phase transitions on pyrochlore lattice   
  11.00   Coffee break  
      Chairman: T. Jolicoeur  
  11.30   Nojiri    High field spin dynamics in nano-scaled molecular magnets   
  12.00   Wernsdorfer   Quantum dynamics of exchange biased single molecule magnets  
  12.30   Miyashita   Quantum dynamics of molecular magnet   
  13.00   Lunch  
      Chairman: S. Miyashita  
  14.30   Julien   NMR of antiferromagnetic molecular rings  
  15.00   Mendels   Local magnetic properties and dynamic spin fluctuations in S=1/2 and S=3/2 Cr kagomÚ antiferromagnets: NMR and ÁSR studies  
  15.30   Bordet   Recent studies of oxydized copper delafossites   
  16.00   Coffee break  
  16.30   Lepetit   Ab initio determination of effective models in magnetic compounds   
  17.00   Suryanarayanan   Spin, Charge and Orbital degrees of freedom in double layer manganites  
  18.30   Le Bateau Lavoir Conference dinner ( 6 rue Garreau, 75018 Paris, Subway Station: Abbesses)   
        or   www.jack-travel.com/Paris/ParisHtml/18th_arr_Goudeau_Wallace_BateauLavoir.htm
Saturday October 4th Room Lisbonne (basement)  
    Chairman: H. Nojiri  
  9.00   Murakami   Competition between Orbital and Spin Degrees of Freedom in LaMnO3   
  9.30   Mila   Orbital Degeneracy as a Source of Frustration in Magnetic Insulators   
  10.00   Lorenzo   Charge order and orbital order in Na vanadates and other compounds by resonant X ray scattering and neutron scattering   
  10.30   Coffee break  
      Chairman: T. Ziman  
  11.00   Sakai    1D frustrated quantum spin systems in magnetic field   
  11.30   Chitra    Thermal conductivity in quasi-1d spin systems   
  12.00   Oshikawa   Coexistence of antiferromagnetic long-range order and d-wave superconductivity in two-dimensional t-J model   
  12.30   Lunch  
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