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Journal publications

1. A Dynamical Model for DNA Sequences
by P. Allegrini, M. Barbi, P. Grigolini and B. West,
Physics Review E, Vol. 52, p. 5281, (1995) - reprint

2. A Twist Opening Model for DNA
by M. Barbi, S. Cocco and M. Peyrard, S. Ruffo,
Journal of Biological Physics, Vol. 24, pag. 97 (1999) - reprint

3. Vector Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Lattices: general derivation of small amplitude envelope soliton solutions
by M. Barbi, S. Cocco and M. Peyrard,
Physics Letters A, Vol. 253, p. 161, (1999) - reprint

4. Helicoidal Model for DNA openings
by M. Barbi, S. Cocco and M. Peyrard,
Physics Letters A, Vol. 253, p. 358, (1999). - reprint

5. Phase locking effect and current reversals in deterministic ratchets
by M. Barbi and M. Salerno,
Physical Review E, Vol. 62, pag. 1988 (2000) - reprint

6. Stabilization of ratchet dynamics by weak periodic signals
by M. Barbi and M. Salerno,
Physical Review E, Vol. 63, pag. 066212 (2001) - reprint

7. Thermal denaturation of a helicoidal DNA model
by Maria Barbi, Stefano Lepri, Michel Peyrard and Nikos Teodorakopoulos,
Physics Review E Vol. 68, pag. 061909 (2003) - reprint

8. A model of sequence dependent protein diffusion along DNA
by Maria Barbi, Vladislav Popkov, Christophe Place and Mario Salerno,
Journal of Biological Physics 30, 203 (2004) - reprint

9. Base-sequence-dependent sliding of proteins on DNA
by Maria Barbi, Christophe Place, Vladislav Popkov and Mario Salerno,
Phys. Rev. E 70, 041901 (2004) - reprint

10. How the chromatin fiber deals with topological constraints
by Maria Barbi, Julien Mozziconacci, Jean-Marc Victor
Phys. Rev. E 71 031910 (2005) - reprint

Presented in Nature "News and views in brief" Vol. 429 (13 May 2004)
and in the American Mathematical Society Maths in the Media.
Selected for the April 1, 2005 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.
Movies available at this URL

11. A Physical Model for the Condensation and Decondensation of Eukaryotic Chromosomes.
by J. Mozziconacci, C. Lavelle, M. Barbi, A. Lesne and J. M. Victor
FEBS Letters 580 368-372 (2006) - reprint

12. Structural reorganization of single chromatin fibers revealed by torsional nanomanipulation
by A. Bancaud, N. Conde e Silva, M. Barbi, G. Wagner, J-F. Allemand, J. Mozziconacci, C. Lavelle, V. Croquette, J-M. Victor, A. Prunell, J-L. Viovy
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 13, 444-450, 2006 - reprint
Supplementary material 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Presented in the Curie Institute Presse release (avril 2006)
Presented in the CNRS Presse release (avril 2006)

13.Torsional manipulation of single chromatin fibers reveals a highly flexible structure
A. Bancaud, G. Wagner, N. Conde e Silva, C. Lavelle, H. Wong, J. Mozziconacci, M. Barbi, A. Sivolob, E. Le Cam, L. Mouawad, J-L. Viovy, J-M. Victor and A. Prunell
Molecular Cell 27, 135-147 (2007) - reprint
Supplementary material

Presented in the CNRS Presse release (2007)

14.Poisson-Boltzmann for oppositely charged bodies: an explicit derivation
Fabien Paillusson, Maria Barbi, Jean-Marc Victor
Molecular Physics, 107, 1419 (2009) - reprint

15.Non-specific DNA-protein interaction: Why proteins can diffuse along DNA
Vincent Dahirel, Fabien Paillusson, Marie Jardat, Maria Barbi, Jean-Marc Victor
Phys. Rev. Lett, 102, 228101 (2009) - reprint

Presented in Nature Physics, July 2009
Presented on the site of Physics, 2009
Enjoyed a Phys. Rev. Focus, N. 23, 19 (2009)

16.Transcription within Condensed Chromatin: Steric Hindrance Facilitates Elongation
Christophe Bécavin, Maria Barbi, Jean-Marc Victor, and Annick Lesne
Biophysical Journal 98, 824-833 (2010) - reprint

17.Linkers histones incorporation mantains chromatin fiber plasticity
P. Recouvreux, C. Lavelle, M. Barbi, N. Conde e Silva, E. Le Cam, J-M. Victor and J-L. Viovy
Biophys. J. 100, 2726-2735 (2011) - reprint

18.Effective interaction between charged nanoparticles and DNA
F. Paillusson, V. Dahirel, M. Jardat, J-M. Victor and M. Barbi
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13, 12603-12613 (2011) - reprint

19.Chromatin topological transitions
C. Lavelle, A. Bancaud, P. Recouvreux, M. Barbi, J-M. Victor, J-L. Viovy
Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 191, 30-39 (2011) - reprint

20.On the topology of chromatin fibers
M. Barbi, J. Mozziconacci, J-M. Victor, H. Wong, C. Lavelle
Interface Focus 2, 546-554 (2012) - reprint

21. Electrostatics of DNA compaction in viruses, bacteria and eukaryotes: functional insights and evolutionary perspective
P. Carrivain, A. Cournac, C. Lavelle, A. Lesne, J. Mozziconacci, F. Paillusson, L. Signon, J-M. Victor, M. Barbi
Soft Matter 8, 9285-9301(2012) - reprint

(This paper made the cover (pdf))

22.Pulling chromatin apart : Unstacking or Unwrapping ?
JM. Victor, J. Zlatanova, M. Barbi, J. Mozziconacci
BMC Biophysics 5, 21 (2012) - reprint

23.DNA topology in chromosomes: a quantitative survey and its physiological implications
Barbi, M., Mozziconacci, J., Wong, H., Victor, J-M.
Journal of Mathematical Biology, doi=10.1007/s00285-012-0621-y, 1-35 (2012) - reprint

24.In silico single-molecule manipulation with rigid body dynamics: an efficient tool
Carrivain, P., Barbi, M., Victor, J-M.
PLoS Comput Biol 10(2): e1003456 (2014) - reprint

25.Theory and simulations of toroidal and rod-like structures in single-molecule DNA condensation
Cortini R, Caré BR, Victor JM, Barbi M.
J Chem Phys. 142, 105102 (2015) - reprint

26.The physics of epigenetics
Cortini R, Barbi M, Caré BR, Lavelle C, Lesne A, Mozziconacci J, Victor JM
Reviews of Modern Physics 88, 025002 (2016) - reprint

27.The Role of Supercoiling in the Motor Activity of RNA Polymerases
Lesne A, Victor JM, Bertrand E, Basyuk E, Barbi M
In: Lavelle C. (eds) Molecular Motors. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1805. Humana Press, New York, NY (2018) - reprint

28.Polymer coil-globule phase transition is a universal folding principle of Drosophila epigenetic domains
Lesage A, Dahirel V, Victor JM, Barbi M
Epigenetics and Chromatin (2019) - under Review

Conference proceedings

1. Un generatore dinamico di sequenze nucleotidiche
P. Allegrini, M. Barbi, P. Grigolini
Atti, Incontro di presentazione del gruppo interdisciplinare di biologia teorica V. Volterra, Pisa (Italy), (1995)

2. On the ion-mediated interaction between protein and DNA
M. Barbi, F. Paillusson
Proceedings of the 29-th ICGTMP Conference, Tianjin, China (2013)

3. In silico manipulations of single DNA molecules
R. Cortini, M. Barbi, P. Carrivain
BIOMAT 2014: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology, Rubem P Mondaini Ed., World Scientific, 2015

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