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Pierre Delplace (ENS Lyon)

Anomalous chiral modes in 2D scattering networks


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Passcode: 765937)


Chiral edge states are unidirectional modes that propagate along the boundaries of two-dimensional insulators when time-reversal symmetry is broken. Their existence can be understood from topological arguments, as their number is given by a topological index of the bulk bands, the Chern number. Periodically driven quantum systems (also dubbed Floquet systems), whose evolution are dictated by a unitary operator, were surprizingly found to exhibit chiral edge states that are not always predicted by the Chern numbers. Those anomalous chiral modes have however also a topological origin, but with no counterpart in Hamiltonian (static) systems.

In this talk, I will show that anomalous edge modes are actually very natural in scattering networks, and discuss why one can expect them beyond the realm of periodic driven systems. Then, I will discuss recent numerical and experimental results with microwave networks that reveal a superior robustness of edge-mediated transport in the anomalous phase than in the Chern phase.